RePS2: Install Guide

1- Open up your console by removing the screws from the back.

2- Remove the top shell and unscrew the two screws holding the controller ports (for some revisions, be careful with the ribbon that connects to the Reset & ON/OFF buttons).

3- Remove the bottom shell of your console and flip the whole console over. You should be able to have access to the stock PSU now. Your console should look like one of the two below. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the stock PSU.

4- Unplug the cable that connects to the ON/OFF switch and pull the PSU upwards (pay attention to the area around the 4-pin connector).

5- Now you can plug the RePS2 PCB on the 4-pin connector and route the cables through the notch that leads to the other side of the board.

6- Remove the plate with the AC input and the ON/OFF switch by sliding it upwards.

7- Now slide the RePS2 plate back in.

8- Push the small clip that holds the new plate in place.

9- Finally, follow the reverse steps to put your console back together and plug in a 12v 5A 5.5*2.1 positive centre adapter. Enjoy!


FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Will a Japanese console work in the US or in PAL territories and viceversa?

Yes, the RePS2 adapter works for all FAT revisions from all regions.

  • Is this compatible with HDDs and softmods such as FreeMcBoot?


  • Will this solve my console not reading discs?

Nope, chances are that the laser need replacement/cleaning.

  • I have installed the RePS2, I get the red standby LED but the console does not power up.

Your 12v AC adapter is not able to deliver the Amps needed for the console to start up. Avoid cheap low-quality adapters and use one of the recommended ones.

  • My console switches on but I now get noise on the screen.

Use a good quality AC adapter and/or make sure your AV cable is decent (shielded if possible).

  • What happens if I use a super cheap 12v adapter or if the adapter has less than 5A?

Chances are you’ll get noise and/or that your console won’t start. The AC adapter transforms AC 220v or 110/115v to DC 12v, whereas the RePS2 filters the 12v into the PS2 PCB. This makes the AC adapter an essential part of the circuit.

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