Re64: Install Guide

The Re64 (v2) is a 12v power supply that fits all N64 models from all regions. It has been designed as a plug and play solution that can be installed with or without the original AC adapter shell.

Install using the original AC adapter shell:

1- If you wish to install the Re64 inside the old shell, open up your stock PSU by removing the screws from the back and remove the whole PCB + connector.

2- Slot the Re64 PCB where the original 6-pin connector used to sit.

3- In order to be able to close the shell properly, you will need to check the opening that your PSU has for the DC jack. As you can see in the pictures below, there is one type of shell with a larger opening than the other:

4- If your shell has a large opening, just use the 3d printed bracket included with your kit.

If your shell has the smaller opening, you won’t need the 3d bracket, and you can just use the nut to tighten the DC jack into the shell’s wall.

That’s your Re64 PSU assembled and ready to be plugged in:

Install without the original AC adapter shell:

1– If you wish to install the Re64 without the old shell, you just need to align the Re64 6-pin connector with its counterpart at the back of the N64:

2– Push firmly using your thumb until the connector reaches the end:

2– is selling a translucid back plate that covers the PSU and adds a great aesthetic touch to this mod.

3– Finally, plug in a 12v 5A 5.5*2.1 positive centre adapter. Since the DC jack of the Re64 is deeper in order to have enough length when installing the 3d-printed bracket, I advise getting a barrel that is 11-12mm in length. Enjoy!

FAQ & Troubleshooting

  1. Will the Re64 work with any Japanese, US and PAL console?


I have installed the Re64, but the console does not power up.

Either your 12v AC adapter is not able to deliver the Amps needed for the console to start up, or the jack is too short and does not make proper contact (check the green LED on the Re64 PCB to see if the PSU is getting power). Avoid cheap low-quality adapters and use one of the recommended ones.

My console switches on but I now get noise on the screen.

Use a good quality AC adapter and/or make sure your AV cable is decent (shielded if possible).

What happens if I use a super cheap 12v adapter or if the adapter has less than 5A?

Chances are you’ll get noise and/or that your console won’t start. The AC adapter transforms AC 220v or 110/115v to DC 12v, whereas the Re64 regulates the 3.3v line and filters the 12v line into the N64. This makes the AC adapter an essential part of the circuit.

For questions related to your order, please get in touch with the retailer you have acquired the Re64 from. For any technical Qs, get in touch at: or

Thank you for your trust!

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