Re64: Install Guide

1- Open up your stock PSU by removing the screws from the back.

2- Remove the top and bottom shells and remove the whole PCB + connector.

3- Cut or unsolder the ribbon cable that connects the PCB with the 6-pin plug. Make sure you strip the ends so that you have bare wire to plug into the block connector of the Re64.

4- Now is time to identify the voltage configuration of your stock PSU. Nintendo made a lot of revisions of their PSUs for the N64 and you might encounter that your ribbon cable has 5 or 6 cables. Even within these 2 subgroups, there are differences in internal voltage pinout (mainly due to the little PCB that is attached to the ribbon cable, which has different layouts and bridges some of the pins differently).

The best way to know about your voltage config is to get a multimeter and measure the output of the pins where the ribbon cable connects to the main PCB of the PSU (see pic below). If you do that, please remember this is a live circuit that has high voltage in its primary side, so be careful.

The other way to identify this is to look at the ref number of your PSU.

You can use the table below to see the correlation between your PSU number and the voltage pinout (obviously, the table is not exhaustive but the most recurrent PCB numbers are there):

12= 12v


3= 3.3v

USA PSUPCB numberOutput pinout
pelican pl-434n/ag-g-g-3-3-12

5– Now you can set up the jumpers in the Re64 to get the right voltage for your connector:

You’ll get the following voltages in the green block connector in the pic, from left to right, when adjusting jumpers J1, J2, and J3 as follows (as above, please note that 3.3v has been here simplified as ‘3’ to improve readability):

G-G-G-3-3-12 :

                        J1-12v           J2-3.3v          J3-GND


                        J1-3.3v          J2-GND         J3-12v          

*If you have a 5-way ribbon cable, you can still plug it into the 6-way block connector by aligning it with the voltages you need and leaving one way unconnected.

*If you have a 6-way ribbon cable and you have one of the first revisions of the Re64 (with a 5-way block connector without jumpers), you can also plug it in as long as you align the cables properly. The 5-way Re64 pinout (from left to right as per the pic above) is: 12-G-G-3-3.

6– Now you can plug the ribbon cable into the block connector and tighten the cables up with a screwdriver:

Finally, make sure that you get the following voltages in the outer part of the connector that plugs into the N64 console:

7– In order to be able to close the shell properly, you will need to check the opening that your PSU has for the DC jack. As you can see in the pictures below, there is one type of shell with a larger opening than the other:

If your shell has a large opening, just use the 3d printed bracket included with your kit.

If your shell has the smaller opening, you won’t need the 3d bracket, and you can just use the nut to tighten the DC jack into the shell’s wall.

8– Finally, plug in a 12v 5A 5.5*2.1 positive centre adapter. Since the DC jack of the Re64 is deeper in order to have enough length when installing the 3d-printed bracket, I advise getting a barrel that is 11-12mm in length. Enjoy!