ReSaturn PSU: a 12v power supply for all Saturn models VA0-VA15

After a few years in the market our Saturns are growing older, and problems related to bad caps in the stock power supply, or problems with the infamous voltage regulator (prone to fail from the very begining) are commonplace. This can affect the voltage of the CD lens and, of course,  the voltage the chips in the mobo are in need of. Recapping or swapping the whole psu can obviously be a solution, but the variety of models existing makes it sometimes hard to find a match. 

To solve all this, I designed the ReSaturn PSU, a 12v power supply that works with all Saturn revisions (from VA0 to VA15) either NTSC-J, NTSC-US, or PAL.. You just need a 12v AC/DC adapter with positive centre tip and you’re good to go.



The Saturn had 3 different sorts of PSU:

Type A (GND,GND, 3.3v, 5v, 9v)

Type B (GND,GND, 3.3v, 5v, 9v)

Type C (GND, GND, 5v, 5v, 9v/12v) or (GND, GND, 5v, 5v).

All these combinations are possible with the ReSaturn PSU.

The ReSaturn includes a block connector with +5V that will allow MODE users to plug in the cable for extrajuice straight to the PSU. This has sorted out issues related to crackling sound with the MODE.

Please note that this design follows PCB layout best practice and that the choice of components is tailored to the specific needs of the Saturn. All components are good quality branded ones. When used with a good 12v adapter, this PSU offers a ripple+noise output of around 30mV on the 3.3v and 5v rails under load. 

How to order

Price: 32 GBP

Shipping : UK FREE; International tracked and signed 8.5 GBP (EU) 9.5 (Rest of the World).

To order, please use the contact section and let me know the socket you need (either T-shaped for Va0 or rectangular for va1-15), the shipping destination and your paypal address. I will then send an invoice.  

Thanks for taking a look!


20 thoughts on “ReSaturn PSU: a 12v power supply for all Saturn models VA0-VA15”

  1. Hey I would love to buy one of these PSU to try in my Japanese Saturn. The PSU died and it just turns on and off now haha


  2. Hello, I need help with an issue with my Sega Saturn, and I was wondering if you (Rexus) could help.

    You see, my USA Va8 Sega Saturn was recently modded and the Main board and PSU were both recapped. However, since the mod, whenever the system is on, the video output exhibits horizontal lines onscreen!

    I did some research and it seems that the problem may be the PSU, since whenever I power on the system, a distinct whine can be heard from it. I’m still skeptical though, since I just recapped the darn thing!

    Then again, the whine from the PSU indicates of a possible component failure. I just don’t know which component it is, nor am I able to figure it out myself!

    My PSU is a 4-pin Type C (GND, GND, 5V, 5V)

    Is there anything I can do to figure out the problem?



    1. Hi there,

      If this started to happen after recapping the system, I’d double check that all capacitors have been installed properly (check polarity, capacitance, etc.). Aside from caps, the typical component that is very prone to failure is a voltage regulator on the stock PSU:(TOP102YAI). You might want to swap this out and see if your issues get sorted.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Follow up: I reflowed all of the capacitors on the main board and PSU, and the video issue and whining noise are still there. I did do an experiment in which I disconnected the PSU from the system and powered it to see if I could still hear a whine, and I didn’t. Could that mean the problem is from the main board? Or is a faulty voltage regulator still a possibility?


  3. It might be that without a load, the whine diminishes or goes away. Usually, coils tend to produce a whine, so you might want to check these and swap the noisy one out. I’d also check that the caps that were swapped have been positioned with the right polarity, just to make sure.


  4. My ReSaturn arrived today (fast delivery!). Installation was very simple and now my TerraOnion MODE works perfectly with no static noise on games that use CDDA. Thanks!

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  5. I recently got a Pico which got my system going until I added a Fenrir. Now I get 0 audio or video. The “video 1” on my tv doesn’t even go away. I swapped the Fenrir and disc drive two more times and the disc drive works. Does this sound like the ReSaturn would take care of my issue? Console has been recapped


    1. Hi James. Chances are the pico is a clone that doesn’t deliver enough current (or it could also be your AC adapter which is short in Amps). The ReSaturn has no issues with all ODEs I’ve tried so far (Rhea, Phoebe, Fenrir and MODE). In fact, issues that have to do with power (mainly with the first Fenrir firms and MODE) such as distorted audio, get solved with the ReSaturn. Hope this helps!


  6. Just got my Resaturn in the mail today and noticed it appears to be a slightly different version with a blue connector labeled “5V” is that for connecting external power to a MODE? Also was hoping you could tell me whether or not I should connect external power to the MODE if this will be installed in a VA0, MODE instructions say it is not necessary with a VA0 but I wasn’t sure if that still held true with the Resaturn. Thanks and kudos for what looks to be a very well made PSU.


    1. Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, the 5v block connector is meant to be for the MODE. If you think you shouldn’t need the extra 5v for your Va0, I’d advise testing the MODE without it and see if you experience any issues (mainly, crackling sound). If sound works well then, you shouldn’t need that. Hope this helps!


  7. So I’m not sure what happened. I first tried installing the ReSaturn PSU without using the 5v block connector like you suggested and it was sort of working. The image was kind of shaky and kept cutting in and out and it got worse when I started up a game. So I figured I would try using the 5v connector with the MODE, but when I did that I got no power at all and the Saturn wouldn’t turn on. I checked the power supply and it is outputting 12 volts, the connector on the ReSaturn also has 12 volts, where the on/off switch connects I got a reading of 11 volts for some reason, and the pins for the connector that goes to the Saturn motherboard all had 0 volts, so there is no power going to the Saturn at all. Not sure if I just got a bad ReSaturn or if somehow connecting the 5v connector did something. I reached out to since I bought it from them and I’m hoping to get a replacement and more than anything hoping I didn’t do any damage to my Saturn.


    1. For the issues you describe at the beginning, I’m thinking your AC adapter might not be able to deliver the Amps needed for the console+ODE to work properly (I always advise a 5A good quality -not cheap!- AC adapter). About not getting power at all after plugging in the 5v cable for the MODE: you might have a short. I’d first check that the polarity of the 5v connector is connected properly. Can you get in touch at and send me a few pics of how you set up everything and we take it from there? Thanks


  8. I am very happy with the ReSaturn. I have it with the MODE and the extra 5v in operation. The installation with the VA0 was a bit unclear at the beginning, but after reading it several times and trying it out, it worked. Thank you for this great product. Best regards from Zurich, Juan

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  9. I was experiencing some really bad audio distortion after installing the MODE in my Saturn, and someone recommended that I pick one of these up. It worked beautifully. Installation was easier than expected, and the audio distortion is completely gone. Thanks for making this available!


  10. Hi I would like to get a Sega saturn power supply from you.
    I will add my email so we can chat through Gmail.



  11. Hi there, are you still selling the ReSaturn PSU? I see it’s out of stock on eBay, but if there’s stock I’d be interested in buying one.


    1. Hi Callum, I’ve just moved out to Spain and I’ll soon be opening an ebay account there, that’s why my ebay UK account has all items out of stock at the moment. You can get in touch via the contact section of this website and we can arrange a way for you to buy a ReSaturn (I have some in stock). Thanks


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